The Spa at The House

We sat under the restaurant pavilion, patting our faces with chilled, aromatic white face towels eager for the arrival of rum punch and bruschetta – the recovery from hours of traveling has begun.

Our concierge takes the necessary check-in documents, brings paperwork for signatures and proceeds to name the fabulousness that is available or can be made available “no problem”. There’s no doubt we are impressed with the inclusiveness of the package: afternoon tea, 24 hour bar, water sports, water taxi to sister properties, free massage at the The Spa. Pause. Rewind. Play. Yes, free massage at The Spa. As a spa lover and junkie, this was my “in-love with a resort” moment.

The spa smell, cleanliness and soft music had me falling into relaxed mode instantly. Shakeria, my masseuse, her voice was calm and comforting, took great care to make sure I was all good:

pressure – deep massage for this women, temperature – cool enough so the blankets were not annoying, noise – light music that lulled me to sleep at some point

Element: Wood (determined when you fill out the get to know you card during checkin) Aromatherapy: bergamot, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, orange (what I think I picked up with my “oh so keen” sense of smell)

Thank you Shakeria and The House by Elegant Hotels for another great spa experience!