About Me


Born and raised in Freeport, Bahamas.  Lived in Italy for a few years, spent a year between Dubai and Iraq, resided in a few cities in the USA before settling, for now, in Atlanta, Georgia.  All the roads taken in my journey of self-discovery and awareness have led me to realize that I am fully responsible for my happiness.

What I love to do I will do, what I learn I will share, when guidance is needed I will teach, when a shoulder is needed I will listen, when it is time to move on I will be ready.

In October 2017, I lost my best friend/husband/daughter’s father.  Picking up the shattered pieces of 18 years of marriage and a friendship that started long before that, is a slow process of reclaiming my identity, finding a new normal, breathing new life into my passions while building the courage to face my new reality – “Single Mom”.

My life’s work has just begun – raising a young creative, health coaching, teaching yoga, designing and sustaining a beautiful life while guiding those that are ready to do the same.



One thought on “About Me

  1. I loved your article on fitting in and possibly stunting your own growth. Insightful and probing read.

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